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Come enjoy our fresh and delicious Chinese cuisine in Juneau

Whether you order take-out or swing by to pick it up, you’ll be glad you did. Asian dishes that are as healthy as they are delicious - What more could you want? We are renowned for our spring rolls and are conveniently located in Juneau. Come see us today!
Oriental food presented nicely on a red table

Quality counts

To get really delicious tasting food, you have to start with the freshest ingredients. We've taken this idea to heart! At Peter’s Oriental Food, we use only crisp vegetables and the best local ingredients we can find. Do not worry about reheated food here. We won’t cook any food until an order is placed. We guarantee your order will be cooked to perfection!

Healthy too

You know fried foods aren't that healthy for you, yet you want to enjoy a spring roll and the like. What do you do? You come to us! We don’t use any oil in our cooking. Through our careful baking process, we keep the taste but loose the fried-in-oil calories. We are especially renowned for our spring rolls – they’re second to none.

Pick-up and enjoy

Authentic tasting food is important to many people. We at Peter’s Oriental Food have built our reputation on just that, and we promise to deliver. If you’re ready for some scrumptious and authentic oriental food, come to our location in the Nugget Mall at 8745 Glacier Highway in Juneau. Or give us a call at 907-789-4868 to have it waiting for you. If you love oriental food, you’ll love our selection. See you soon!
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